Ultimately, it's how our clients think and feel about their remodeling experience that matters the most. Their journey through the professional selection process, all the design decisions, living in the construction zone and getting their transformed home back can be a stressful and sometimes difficult time for some homeowners. It takes a lot of time, care, patience, attention to detail and a great relationship to make this process a great one. We take great pride in our success in customer satisfaction and what our clients have to say. 

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"The attention to detail by his contractors is superb and Kerry’s willingness to make sure we were completely satisfied with everything is genuine and trustworthy. We would recommend Kerry Pro Design to anyone." (Source: Houzz, 2017)

"The epitome of true professionals... We love our kitchen and TaylorPro comes with our highest recommendation." (Source: Houzz, 2017) 

"In summary, our first impression of Kerry being a trustworthy contractor that paid attention to detail turned out to exceed our expectations. If (and when) we renovate our upstairs, Kerry and TaylorPro will be my first call!" (Source: Houzz, 2017) 

"Throughout the project it felt like Kerry was remodeling his own home. He was all about quality." (Source: Houzz, 2017) 

"When decisions were in [Kerry's] hands, he made choices like he actually cared about the outcome of the project! Because of this, the project turned out beautifully. Kerry is amazing. I hope we get to work together again soon." (Source: Houzz, 2017) 

"Kerry Taylor is our favorite contractor to work with. Job sites are always clean and professional... Most importantly the finished jobs are always AMAZING and top notch." (Source: Houzz, 2016) 

"Anyone who has come into our house literally stops i their tracks when they see the transformation. We'd recommend Kerry and his team to anyone for any job." (Source: Houzz, 2016) 

"Kerry and his team did a phenomenal job remodeling our kitchen. It turned out just like we envisioned, on time, and on budget." (Source: Houzz, 2016) 

"Kerry Taylor came highly recommended, yet he still exceeded our expectations…" (Source: Houzz, 2016) 

"Kerry is meticulous about obtaining quality work from everyone involved even if it meant re-doing something at his own cost to get it right...We occupied the house throughout the construction and TaylorPro skillfully kept impacts to a minimum." (Source, Angie's List, 2015)

"The finished kitchen design has exceeded our expectations. We truly feel spoiled and privileged. We have more storage space than before, easier to find items and greater functionality." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

 "I have owned 12 houses over the last 12 years and engaged many contractors.  I would put Taylor Pro at the top of my list."  (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"In short, TaylorPro gets the job done on time and under budget. We would gladly retain his services in the future should the need arise." (Source: Houzz, 2015) 

"The TaylorPro staff is very schedule conscious and they understand the major disruption these remodel projects have on the occupants home life." (Source: Houzz, 2015) 

"We talked to a couple of contractors, but after looking at TaylorPro's reviews and meeting with Kerry Taylor, we ultimately decided this was the company for us. We're so glad we did!" (Source: Houzz, 2015) 

"We initiated several changes early in the project and Kerry was extremely responsive in incorporating the work while minimizing schedule impacts.(Source: Houzz, 2015) 

"I served as structural engineer for the remodel project at a coastal area duplex...Kerry is professional, capable, and respectful to his team. It was a pleasure to work with him and his company." (Source: Houzz, 2015) 

"We have never been disappointed in the final projects price, quality, or timeliness. I would highly recommend them for any remodel job. Our experience with Kerry, his staff and his suppliers was outstanding!" (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"One thing to note that was a welcome benefit with working with TaylorPro, its a one stop shop. Every supplier Kerry suggested and we worked with were on the top of their game." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"The project went quickly and efficiently, and the final result was outstanding. We recommend TaylorPro very highly." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"The crew was friendly, punctual and cleaned up on a daily basis as well as an in-depth cleaning at the end of the remodel." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"Work was so good that two of our friends had Kerry do work for them." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"Kerry Taylor is a fine man who we have grown to trust and consider a friend. We have continually felt he is on our side and genuinely cares about us and our complete satisfaction. We will gladly hire Kerry Taylor for our next remodeling project, and so should you."  (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"I would highly recommend Kerry. His personality is suited well for this kind of stressful project and his honesty and attention to detail was extraordinary."  (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"I was delighted with Kerry and his crew. They did a high quality job, and kept me informed at all times." (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"All in all, this company is a gem! They became friends. How cool is that?" (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"Kerry is a pleasure to work with -- he listens to his clients and does everything he can to make the project go beyond expectations. We recommend Kerry and team highly." (Source: Houzz, 2014)



"2 bathroom remodels. They look great." (Source: Angie's List, 2016)

"I hope that when we are ready to renovate our kitchen and master bath, we'll be able to hire Kerry again.  We would highly recommend this company!" (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"From start to finish TaylorPro did a professional, quality job. Kerry Taylor was always quick to respond to any question or problem and made sure all work was done properly." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"When I showed construction photos to friends at work, some who knew the business praised our constructor and his subs, saying the work was done right and he knows his stuff." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"It's not just the clients who are impressed with TaylorPro, but a whole host of skilled craftsmen who recognize excellence in the manner in which Kerry directs his employees and his business." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"The TaylorPro team walks in at the beginning of the day to work.  There is no lounging around. The work that you're contracting for will get done." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"We have heartily recommended Kerry to friends and would gladly retain TaylorPro for any future construction projects in our home." (Source: Angie's List, 2015)

"We would definitely look TaylorPro up for future remodeling projects. We would also not hesitate to recommend TaylorPro's services based on our experience with our bathroom remodeling project." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"This was my first remodel. I had no idea how to shop, choose materials, or plan a remodel. Kerry helped me throughout this process with patience." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"The finished project was beyond our highest expectations and we won't hesitate to use Kerry and his crew for any future jobs or recommend him to family and friends." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"Kerry Taylor is a perfectionist and he expects the same high standards from those who work for him. The subcontractors he selects are also exacting." (Source: Angie's List, 2014)

"I can't rave enough about how great of a businessman Kerry is. I'll preface this by saying I have extensive experience in real estate and properties. In fact, I've done over 70 renovations from simple renovations to the complete build out of custom homes." (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"I highly recommend this company. I am making plans for my other two bathrooms at this time and plan to hire them again for the job. I have no complaints!" (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"Our selection of TaylorPro Home Services to handle our kitchen and master bath remodeling was one of the best decisions we ever made." (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"Kerry was very responsive getting us a timely estimate and had great suggestions for what we were looking for. From the start to finish it turned out to be a wonderful experience!"  (Source: Houzz, 2014)

"He came in absolutely on budget and on time because he knows how to efficiently manage a project so that the workflow is smooth. We will absolutely call on him for future projects."  (Source: Houzz, 2014)