The simplified definition of “design build” is that one organization is responsible for both the design and the construction of a project.

Our team of experts at TaylorPro Design and Remodeling is comprised of the design, architectural, structural engineering and construction elements, everything needed for a successful remodel.  Rather than assembling all the contractors and consultants yourself, our synergistic team allows you to access the benefits of working with one dedicated company, committed to the success of your remodel. 

In fact, a recent Design-Build Industry Association study revealed that combining design and construction under one roof, as we do at TaylorPro Design and Remodeling, resulted in:

  • 33.5% faster delivery speed,
  • 6.1% lower overall costs, and
  • 5.2% lower cost growth.

Working together in a collaborative environment, we seamlessly handle all the details of your project from the first day you contact TaylorPro Design and Remodeling to the last day of construction.


Our founder's Engineering background has taught us many things including putting systems and processes in place, then revise them until they are as flawless as possible. Here is where our customers tell us we really shine. We encourage you to take a minute and review how we can make your next remodeling project a great one. We've broken our design build system into 5 process steps:

Our 5 step process:
1 ) Initial consultation
   2) Present your estimate
      3) Design your project
         4) Plans and permits
            5) Construction


We will schedule a complimentary visit to your home to discuss your project and listen to your desires in order to gain a good understanding of your remodeling scope. We will take measurements, photos and note the details. We will also explore design suggestions to expose potential options. You will be given an estimated budget range based on the discussed scope, explain in detail how our company will work with you, show you recent relevant projects, a referral list and provide you a copy of our retainer for our services. 

No two projects are alike in size and scope. At our first meeting we will discuss what disciplines are necessary for your project, introduce the players, discuss the overall budget and develop a plan for your project. Creating a platform so that all disciplines are in sync and understand their role, is crucial to ensure a predictable, positive outcome.


Typically, the next step is to setup a time to meet (usually a week from our initial consult) where we can present a detailed proposal using your current project vision as a baseline.

At this meeting we will review the proposal, answer any questions and discuss the details of our next steps. Our main emphasis is for you feel comfortable in your understanding of our proposal and how our design build process works. At this point you will have enough information about your project to determine if TaylorPro Design and Remodeling is the company for you.


After we have a signed retainer and deposit, we will immediately start the design process. We work side by side as we explore all the details and options for your new space. You will be presented with 3D renderings, design possibilities, materials and trends that are all catered to your design style, wants and needs. We will focus the design around your desires while being sensitive to your budget. This is a reiterative process that will eventually include all of your cabinetry, materials, appliances and fixtures.

At the end of this stage the design is complete. We will provide you with a detailed revised proposal based your final design and material choices. Our team will review the selections in the design process, the revised proposal, plans, timeline and answer questions.


Once the plans are approved and complete, we will submit your project to the city for approval. Depending on the size and scope of your project, this process can take as little as days to several months. We handle all the details and interface with the city and associated agencies to get the permit(s) issued.


Weeks before your start date, communication will increase and the details will be discussed. On the start date we will meet on-site to introduce you to your construction team, discuss construction and dust control, review the construction plan and start construction.

A construction manager will be on-site several times a week and will be communicating daily with your foreman. We will update the schedule weekly or biweekly and discuss changes from the baseline. A Gantt Chart is used for scheduling and easily shows you the who, what and when of your remodel.

We will also coordinate all the inspections from the city, including final inspection.

After all the details are addressed and we finalize our punch lists, we will meet with you to discuss the final product. All the necessary paperwork will be exchanged. As in most of our remodels and with your prior approval, we schedule a professional photographer to visit your newly remodeled home.