After Pictures


Renovation of this Scripps Ranch home included the kitchen, A/V niche, family room fireplace and pantry. The home owners love to cook and the wife is quite petite so we customized features in this French Country kitchen to suit her lifestyle and stature. For example, we made the island shorter on both ends so she can bake more comfortably and hold beading classes in her home. The homeowner collects Le Creuset so we designed her a clever open cabinet to display her treasures. 

Painted Glazed kitchen cabinetry combines stained island cabinetry with highlighted glass wall cabinetry. Other design features includes custom, hidden, in-cabinet LED lighting in the glass wall cabinetry, pantry cabinetry, and in both Lazy Susans. The pantry and Lazy Susans illuminate when the doors are opened. New tile flooring round out the final elements of this new space. 

"For our kitchen and family room project we interviewed five different contractors and TaylorPro was the only one who provided a line item by line item priced bid. The other contractors (some of them well known) would not bid the project unless we signed a contract. They said ""Select us based on the quality of our work and we will work within your budget"". Imagine signing a contract to buy a car without knowing what you are going to get for the price. Kerry bid the work at middle of the road price (not cheapest but not over the top expensive) and you know what you get for the money. He is detailed and reasonable with his construction contract and best of all he will not Nickel-n-Dime you to death with small items that pop up (extra outlets or minor changes). Further, he is very reasonable on change orders. We had one major change order for a window. 

The TaylorPro staff is awesome. They are courteous, attentive, hardware working and honest. They do an excellent job cleaning up to work site at the end of the day. Further, Kerry's lead guy on our project was Brandon and he worked hard to keep the project on schedule. Kerry and team are easy to communicate with, they quickly understand the vision and the design. We worked with Bonnie from Signature Designs to help fine tune our kitchen design. Kerry has some pics of our kitchen on Houzz showing off some of her design recommendations (large slide out pantry, appliance corner, lighted glass cabinets, and two piece crown molding to name a few). 

The finished kitchen design has exceeded our expectations. We truly feel spoiled and privileged. We have more storage space than before, easier to find items and greater functionality. The TaylorPro staff is very schedule conscious and they understand the major disruption these remodel projects have on the occupants home life. If there is any room for improvement it would be drive some of the TaylorPro staff sense of project schedule discipline into the subcontractors (Eric) because the project took much longer than expected. Despite that, I had fun working with Kerry, Bonnie and our cabinet maker designing and building the new Kitchen. Many thanks to TaylorPro staff. I recommend TaylorPro for top quality work, but keep an eye on the subs to stay on schedule."
~Robert R, Client