Encinitas Coffee Shaker KITCHEN

"Since my husband works in the residential home building industry, our standards were very high on the contractor we chose to engage. Through referrals and Angie's List, my husband and I got a total of 6 bids from 6 different reputable San Diego contractors. We ultimately selected Kerry at TaylorPro Services for the following reasons:

1. His responsiveness. He was quick to respond on email and text, which is the format of communication that works best for me given that I'm a busy mom of two little kids and talking on the phone is challenging.

2. His detailed bid. A bunch of the contractors that gave us bids didn't include line item details but Kerry did. I knew exactly what to expect and what I was paying for. Before we engaged him, we sent him follow up questions to his bid and he answered them quickly. Kerry was also flexible in removing certain items that we wanted to do ourselves.

3. Price. While all the contractors came in around $15K of each other, Kerry was the lowest of them all. Kerry appreciated that we were priced in a $850K home and not a $3M Rancho Santa Fe home. I felt that he took our budget into consideration.

Kerry's crew came on time daily to our house. Since we were living in the house during construction, I felt that they were very considerate to cleaning up and being there on time. Additionally, since I personally didn't have experience with remodels, Kerry and his crew were courteous and polite to me and answered all of my questions no matter how mundane or redundant they were.

Going into the project, everyone (and their mother) kept telling me how (a) messy it was going to be and (b) how I would wind up hating my contractor in the end and feeling like I got screwed out of money. I can say that yes, it was messy because we pulled up 1200 sq feet of tile! and no, I did not hate Kerry at the end. In fact, I would highly recommend Kerry. His personality is suited well for this kind of stressful project and his honesty and attention to detail was extraordinary."
~ Carrie H, Client

After Pictures


A professional couple with an appetite for entertaining wanted a more inviting kitchen. Structural changes in this kitchen design enhanced visual harmony with the living and dining areas of the home and added significant light. Martini anyone?